CV Deborah Dunn

The multitalented Deborah Dunn was first introduced to dance at university where she was studying visual arts. The art form immediately began to influence her drawing and painting; the body finally leaping off the canvas and leading her to dance class. She then found herself steadily seduced by the theatre, first as a photographer and costume designer, then as a performer and choreographer. She founded her company Trial & Eros in Vancouver in the early 90s and is now based in Montreal. Deborah has created nine evening length works: ‘Trial & Eros’, ‘Pandora's Books’, ‘The Little Queen’, ‘The Birds’, ‘Blackmail’, ‘Elegant Heathens’, ‘Nocturnes’,‘Four Quartets’, ‘Orlando’ and ‘Le délire domestique’.

“Combines enticing sensuality with bone dry wit.” 
Jennifer Van Evra, The Georgia Straight

“Eccentric, humorous and original,” 
Linda Howe-Beck, The Montreal Gazette

“Every move she makes cuts cleanly, yet gently.  Even in her most ungainly moments, she is elegant.”
Paula Citron, The Globe and Mail

“. . . dance so perfectly balanced and honed that for the audience time seems to stand still.  Restrained, contemplative and wise, Dunn’s choreography sets up a fugue on the meaning of art and human possibility.”  
Michael Scott,   The Vancouver Sun

photo by Chris Randle